This page is to give you guys an update on each manuscript and their particular updates. You’ll see my first novel is in for publishing. I’ll have release dates soon-ish. It’s currently in editing (yuck that word leaves a bad taste in my mouth) but read on below to learn what my first published novel- Cattywampus- is about!

I’m a Nobody


I’m a Nobody (60,000 words) Adult Literary Fiction

An average, middle-class woman becomes an addict too young, a mother even younger and homeless in the down beat of her heart. A nobody, she sit’s silently on the curb. Never seen. Never heard. She sleeps behind dumpsters and falls deeper into the unspoken world of addiction.

To Fall a Tree


To Fall a Tree (70,000 words) Psychological Thriller

A woman held prisoner for so long that she forgets her who she is. When a burly woodsman rescues her, its only natural that a love blossoms between them. The woman has dreams of a girl calling her back to the city, whichever one that might be but the woodsman isn’t happy with her leaving. Things turn sour when the woman learns the girl in her dreams isn’t who she appears to be.

Flee Obscura


Flee Obscura (80,000 words) YA Thriller

A boy growing and learning how to cope with his emotions. After witnessing his parent’s divorce, the break down of his mother’s mental health, his grandmother’s death, and his best friends being abused by a father, the child struggles how his feelings seem to come out. From behind the walls in his home.

When another plane of existence opens up to him, he welcomes a new dark friend. With an ability no one else in the world has, he uses it for good. And he only ever gets good things from this place, Obscura, but the problems lies with what the darkness expects in exchange. When he learns his step-sister is self harming, he may not have enough left to offer Obscura. The boy regrets finding Obscura when the dark friend has fed enough to solidify.



Cattywampus- (50,000 words) YA Fantasy Adventure

About Luci, who goes on the trip of her life, and a sweet-sixteen getaway to a stunning natural hot spring in the north. The drive with her mother is breathtaking, until they complete their trip and turn around to return. When Luci spots a billboard with her face and a plea to find her—she begins to wonder how time has turned the world upside down. A bump on the head when her mother slams on the breaks doesn’t prevent her from a frantic search for her mother, after the car accident. Luci meets strange characters, animals larger than dumpsters and four morals to be met. She’s stuck in a labyrinth, between our world and the heavens. And some hells. That’s where she learns of the world Obscura—a dark, foreboding plane of existence.

In Publishing !!! 😊💕

Not Me Novel

Not Me (80,000 words) Adult Literary Fiction

An average woman, an average job, an average vehicle. And she’s bored, emotionally beat down and tired of watching her daughter struggle under the weight of society’s expectations. She knows there’s much more out in the world to see. So, she quits her job and leaves her husband. Daughter in tow, they move to a beach on Vancouver Island, until things inevitably turn disastrous.


Cloister (60,000 words) YA Fantasy Thriller

Aedyt had the unfortunate luck of being born to a poor farmer in 1563. The girl witnessed too many evil doings in her short teen years than most of the village combined. When she’s taken under wing of the Virgin Queen and Calyhony, the Queen’s seamstress, Aedyt learns above a whole other world. They have magical abilities and plan to strip evil out of the world. To be secluded in a place called Obscura. Which sounds all great and good but Aedyt’s unsure if she wants to help. That’s when she meets Pan, the god of mischief, and hears just that. Mischief.


Indiscernable (WIP) NA Horror

Jalleen is a pharmacy technician that accepts a job on a remote island. Her friends have a going away party and pull out a ouji board. Everything turns ugly but then just as suddenly is normal again.

Jalleen takes a plane to Haida Gwaii where things keep happening, just outside her sight. As if there are shadows creeping in her perripheal vision.

Then she meets Chantra, a half-scorpion ghost stuck in a type of purgatory and suddenly all the creatures that lurked in the corner are now fully visible. And deadly. Jalleen has to make her way through three death gates to escape the purgatory she’s been pulled into.


Roxanne (1.5 handwritten notebooks) NA Fantasy

Online Soon!