I am Nobody

The space, between the cement casing and the green dumpster, was dubbed ‘squeezeway’ and was only accessible with the methamphetamine crippled body to no more than 100 pounds.

I am Nobody- creative non-fiction of teenage years as a mother, a life in the spotlight of a good wholesome middle class family and the downfall to an addiction.

Currently at 84,630 words.

To Fall a Tree

He slammed his arms around her neck and in one swift movement stabbed the knife deep into her heart, he patted the doe farewell and prayed a quiet retreat for her.

To Fall a Tree- psychological thriller about a woman, Katarina that is locked in a cold cellar for years by an unknown captor for an unknown reason. When she is finally rescued by a burly huntsman, it is inevitable that feelings will form. The dreams of some girl begun to haunt Kat, turning more vivid and she is drawn to find out who the girl is.

Currently at 68,769 words.

Flee Obscura

His eyes wavered, the focus gave and his vision was overcome by the static that would fill your television but this, this was his world. He let go and Abe found himself surrounded by the darkness that is Obscura.

Flee Obscura, YA thriller follows a young boy, Abram, whom grows up through personal tragedies. His mother cannot cope with life in general, crying and constantly admitted to the psychiatric unit, Abram is forced to upkeep the household when his father finally leaves. It is through these hardships that Abe learns he can see another plane to our existence, one that is made of all the dark spaces, all the dark matter, all the inattention in our beings that surround us. As he grows, he masters the skill of controlling Obscura. He can manipulate people and inanimate objects through it, but it comes with a cost. A cost that Nought will be sure to balance.

Currently at 69,640 words.


“I fear in life, such a blife. If you do not learn, you cannot return,” Grentsth said as another black spider crack appeared in her china doll face.

Catywampus- YA adventure begins when a young girl has embarked on a trip of a lifetime with her mother to the mountains. The drive home seems to be the turning point when she catches a glimpse of a billboard with the words and boasts an over large picture of her own face. The car gets slammed into park and Luci hits her head on the dashboard. When she wakes, her mother is gone and the world is full of life changing adventures.

WIP: Currently at 9,125 words.