Justyce Scales of the Otherly and Obscura (67,000 words) YA Thriller Fantasy– Ever since Luci’s daymares began, she’s relied on photography to discern reality from hallucination. After a sweet sixteen mother-daughter trip to the stunning Liard Hot Springs, Luci’s breath is taken away, but not in a beautiful scenery type of way. It’s a frantic search for answers when she spots a billboard with her face and a plea to find- her. A bump on the head, then her mother goes missing, and she’s thrown into a world made up of river sharks, Memegwaans, flowers taller than buildings, and impossible happenings all around her in what she had thought was the Rocky Mountains. But in this alternate universe, Luci must complete three trials to open the door back to Earth. Even worse yet, is another magical place, between the Heavens, and some Hells, lies a world called Obscura—a dark, foreboding plane of existence- and a woman that is no longer human. Published by Archway (Simon and Schuster sublet)

Flee Obscura (80,000 words) YA Thriller– Abe had a less than favorable upbringing. His mother an alcoholic, his father a dead beat that came by once every half decade, and friends that picked on everything about him. His savior in life? His Grandmother. Who passes away shortly before his dog dies. Abe feels there is nothing good left in his life. He’s not even sure which way to move in life anymore, maybe collapsing into himself is best. It’s not until his teen years that he begins to understand better this black seam that has followed him through his upbringing. And he finally opens the seam a little, to peak inside, and what he finds, is a new friend. A dark existential place that no one else knows about and Abe can use this dark plane to help, hinder, or hope for himself. But every good thing that Obscura gives him, also requires him to give something. And Abe quickly runs out of emotions he can give Obscura when he becomes an empty shell of a feelingless boy.

Cloister Obscura (60,000 words) YA Horror– Aedyt had the unfortunate luck of being born to a poor farmer in 1563. The small town suffered horrible torment so when The Virgin Queen took Aedyt in as a seamstress apprentice, the girl thought she’d found refuge. But when Calyhony, the current seamstress for the Queen, begins to teach Aedyt small magics, the girl learns about even bigger magics at works. Would she help to strip evil forever from the world? Could creating Obscura be a good idea? Aedyt thinks yes, but the keeper of the woods, Pan, puts a different idea in her mind. To stop the magic now, could rip both delicate worlds apart.

Justyce Scales of the Otherly and Obscura TWO– TOP SECRET

Indiscernible (WIP) YA Horror– Jalleen is a pharmacy technician that accepts the job of a lifetime on a beautiful remote island. A going away party goes strange when a Ouija board turns the house into a blood bath. But that seems a far off dream when Jalleen arrives at her new job and begins learning the people and practices she needs to complete this task. Soon, however, shadows begin to creep into her peripheral vision and it seems no one is answering her calls back home. Then she meets Chantra, a half-scorpion ghost woman that explains Jalleen is stuck in purgatory before the first death gate. But the only way out, is to go deeper first.

Roxanne (1.5 handwritten notebooks) NA Fantasy– Post-apocalyptic world on Januvic is very different from Earth and Roxanne learns very quickly what it means to be needed to save another world when she is pulled through a worm hole, by a man that is almost too handsome, too perfect, and Roxanne has the only means to save their people. But her world is suddenly at trouble from her leaving. And the perfect man is suddenly too good for her being, which begins to break down the very matter that would save both worlds. But only one can be saved.

Not The Typical Romeo (WIP approx, 75,000) Women’s Sweet Romance– A famous author, Juliet, has lived her life solo and very much loves the day to day lifestyle she has built. She had people hired for every instance in her life, money can do that after all. But when her agent warns that book sales are down, and a meet and greet go bad, Jules is forced to re-evaluate her marital status. It begins off to prove at minimum that she is not a misandry writer (although all her novels are strong female lead characters from the 1920s women’s movements) and ends with her learning that her fictional depictions of men weren’t that far off. Until she meets Rameo, a homeless, anxiety ridden man with a sadness so deep that he lives a minimalist live, often choosing to sleep on beaches and have no house what so ever. Jules is drawn to him like a writer to a new book, but her agent, her fans and the whole town of Cody seem against this idea.

I’m a Nobody (60,000 words) Creative Non-Fiction– A girl that became an addict too young, a mother even younger and homeless in the down beat of her heart grows into a full blossomed woman who trained to become a nurse. From a nobody who sat silently on a McDonald’s curb waiting to steal the To-Go bag on the counter, to a woman that suddenly suffers triggers in every emergency room she enters. Will the squeezeways of those dumpster homes ever stop haunting Mei? All she can do now is move forward.

Not Me (80,000 words) Adult Literary Fiction– An average woman, an average job, an average vehicle. And Mei Transiski is bored, emotionally beat down from a gas lighting husband and tired of watching her daughter struggle under the weight of society’s expectations. She knows there’s much more out in the world to see. She makes a plan. To quit her job, leave her husband, and live on a beach in Vancouver like a gypsy for a year with her teen daughter. What could go wrong? Apparently everything.

To Fall a Tree (70,000 words) Psychological Thriller– A woman held prisoner for so long that she forgets her who she is. When a burly woodsman rescues her, its only natural that a love blossoms between them. The woman has dreams of a girl calling her back to the city, whichever one that might be but the woodsman isn’t happy with her leaving. Things turn sour when the woman learns the girl in her dreams isn’t who she appears to be.

Mar10 (Handwritten notes on COVID-19 Pandemic, story TBD) Non-Fiction

Vinharia- (WIP) In a postapocalyptic world, the last thing you want to do is let your skin slip, exposing your inner fears. Because that’s what the Sky High’s will take from you, your flesh. So Vinharia holds her skin tight around herself as she’s set off on an adventure to find her missing friend. Along the way she meets a failed ninja that was kicked out of Samuel the Bull’s army. Between the ninja and Vinharia’s sixth sense of truth, they find the world is not as dangerous as Samuel the Bull has brainwashed everyone to think. And the truth of who’s kidnapping citizens to remove their skin may be bigger than the city wall’s built to keep out the hundred foot Sky High monsters.