About the Author

I recently found old drawings/ wordings. Writers can make up words, right? (Wordings šŸ˜‰ Words are my roots. Since I was a child, I’ve written short stories, poetry and dreamt up characters. Situations. Plots. As an adult and finding myself with no hobby, writing was the easiest to fall back to.

Like when you’re reading a crappy book, you fall back to what you know. To make up for the lost time. My novels and stories are spilling out faster than I can type (or certainly edit).

I found old drawings and colored them in for fun. Adding new phrases occasionally. I’ve also listed my contest winnings below. The first, (of many I hope) is an Ekphrastic writing contest. Where authors examine art work and writing short prose with inspiration from the artist’s work.

More to come on that contest, for now just click on the link below to see the festival I’ll be reading at. Below the link is a picture of the stitch work my poem came from for this particular contest. I’ll post a photo of that once I had it.