My name is Norma Rrae, I’m an aspiring author that loves old music and new movies. I’m struggling to find a footing in the writing world between query letters and strict synopsis rules. So, I’ve created this website to share my stories for free. I write them to live them then pine desperately to share with others. Since I know the publishing can take many years and possibly no one will know my name for another ten or more years, here are some samples to read in the meantime! I am also always looking for feedback on how to make them better.

I’m still learning!

I love poetry and often find myself weaving poetry through my stories, the backbone of every great tale is in fact a principle. And what better way to teach a principle than with a rhyming word? Or at least that’s how I taught my children.

“Don’t touch that shit, it’s hot and will blister you. Lickety split.”

Okay, maybe I never said that.

Writing was my first love as a child, my crutch on down days, my new favorite hobby.

Between writing for months on end on a novel, growling through weeks of editing then hiding the damn thing in the back of my computer while I wait for some hint at response from an agent…I enjoy updating this website, writing short stories for shits and giggles, hunting, fishing, drawing, reading and sleeping. Yes, I really enjoy my sleep. Anyone that knows me well, know how early I go to bed.

When I wake in the morning, if I remember my dream, I record it in a diary. For the days when I have nothing to write about, I go back and read my dreams. I can nearly analyze everyone. For example, the day after I spent $140 at Stickies candy store and boasted about having 7 entries for the $100 gift basket draw, I had a dream that my daughter had a hundred tickets for the lottery that she found on the ground while at a movie.

They link, pretty close. I think anyway 🙂

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As a great man once said, Excelsior.


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