White Sheets

I’m so happy to announce my first published short story coming in September 2020.

Here’s the link to the Facebook page for this anthology,


Look for my story, White Sheets, it’s a 10,000 word Literary Adult Fiction .

Hafsa is a beautiful young Muslim woman. Betrothed to a powerful man in Morocco, Hafsa enters her wedding day with minimal knowledge of anything bedroom related. Diesel is rumored to be so handsome that women have begged, out of tradition, for his hand. He was waiting. Pictures of Hafsa came to Diesel Alaoui, cousin of Prince Tazim Al-Ghumari of Morocco, from Hafsa’s cousin visiting with a recent camera purchase. Like a prince in the fairy tales, Diesel immediately felt the love for this woman. He sought out her family.

Hafsa is not a typical Muslim woman, her hair too light and her skin as pale as the Sahara Desert sands. With her heart in the right place, Hafsa endures the many traditions of the Moroccan wedding. Nerves fade to hormones, and soon temperatures are running hot.

Spicy romance