I am Nobody

“The space, between the cement casing and the green dumpster, was dubbed ‘squeezeway’ and was only accessible with the methamphetamine crippled body to no more than 100 pounds.”

I am Nobody- Creative Nonfiction

A girl born to middle class family, never knowing a day of hardship. Not beat, punished or ignored still rebels as any teenage girl would. Except this girl, she becomes a teen mom and dabbles more than experimentally with street drugs.

60,000 words

To Fall a Tree

“He slammed his arms around her neck and in one swift movement stabbed the knife deep into her heart, he patted the doe farewell and prayed a quiet retreat for her.”

To Fall a Tree-

Psychological Thriller

Katarina was locked in a dark basement for so many years that it was natural to form an emotional connection with the burly huntsman that saved her. With no memories of her own, or her past or family, she created new memories with Stephen deep in the woods. They collected wood together, hunted and trapped for meals.

But when the girl in her nightly dreams beckons more to Kat, she confides in Stephen and their comfortable cabin deep in Northern BC turns dark.

He is from her past but she cannot remember how. He remembers, and will stop at nothing to ensure she doesn’t leave.

70,000 words.

Flee Obscura

“His eyes wavered, the focus gave and his vision was overcome by the static that would fill your television but this, this was his world. He let go and Abe found himself surrounded by the darkness that is Obscura.”

Flee Obscura, Young Adult Thriller

Victoria is an emotional tormented mother, a failing wife and a woman being stalked by a hideous monster. One that hides in the darkest corners of her mind.

Her son, Abram, is too young to understand why his father works too much or his mother cries even more. Divorce court puts Abe on the opposite side of a solid oak door where he can hear his mother yelling, but he can see her words too!

They materialize and he follows them into a dark plane, a black space obscured from light.

Obscura, is a place he manipulate and use to spy, help or hinder others. But every use comes with a cost, and there may not be enough of Abe’s emotional self to pay the costs as they grow higher. First with the death of his grandmother, then the hospitalization of his mother.

To save his step-sister may require the ultimate cost- his life.

70,000 words.


“I fear in life, such a blife. If you do not learn, you cannot return,” Grentsth said as another black spider crack appeared in her china doll face.

Catywampus- Young Adult Fantasy

For her sixteenth birthday, Luci only wants to travel and see more of the beautiful province she lives in.

Her mother takes the time off work and they venture off for an epic fourteen hour drive, the sights are amazing! The food, delicious and the hot springs, spectacular!

The drive home is average, at best. Her thoughts on Spring Break ending and back to school soon when a large billboard appears in the distance.

As their vehicle approaches closer, Luci gasps when she realizes the billboard holds a larger than life picture of her own face.

With a caption of ‘findjustyce.ca’, Luci turns to question her mother who immediately slams on the breaks and mutters something of, ‘it’s over.’

The sudden stop causes Luci to bounce her forehead off the dashboard and is awaken some time later only by the trickle of blood down her forehead.

The fog is rolling in, the car is empty and the highway is deserted. Luci wanders for sometime until a very strange looking woman grabs her hand. One of four morals, she learns quickly, to get back to your family. Is what Grentsth tells her.

Work in Progress 49,000 words