My name is Norma Rrae and I’m a Northern living author. I have four beautiful dogs, and a house full of family. And I have a wall sized bookshelf to keep me sane. I love spending time reorganizing the shelf. Buying books and reading, of course. What writer isn’t a reader? Although I do think I am a very slow reader. So that makes the Goodreads challenge hard for me but I still try. I read every morning and night, however, I may only make it ten minutes or so at bedtime when I read.

I have written six novels complete to date and am currently writing my seventh (with two more outlined and waiting in queue). I love writing poetry and short stories and often share my works online here. It’s something to do while I patiently wait for the right agent.

I’m excited to announce I’ve signed up a novel with Archway Publishing, to self publish essentially. I’m working hard on editing that story one last time before submitting. Then I’ll have to edit again, then possibly editing again. Meaning I’ll have less time to write new material for my website. So, that being said I’m starting a new weekly novel on here. Be warned, I will not be editing this one again before posting so there may be spelling mistakes. Don’t judge, just love.

Stay tuned for a release date of Cattywampus, YA fiction adventure.

I also have a short story being published in an anthology in fall 2020, with Perfectly Poisoned Anthologies. Click the tab above, White Sheets, to read more.

Also, a good friend of mine from school now has an art page that’s name is freakishly close to mine so just felt it should have a home here. If you like cool printed T-shirts, phone cases, pillow covers- click here – https://www.redbubble.com/people/NotBobJackson/shop?ref=artist_title_name

Much love



    • I have some of my work published with a small house in Ireland, but the majority of them have been self-published. Currently just e-books (as book formatting seems to be beyond my skill set) It’s a little scary, but it isn’t hard.

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