I think I have the most trouble writing this page. Every time I write an appropriate ‘Hello’, I go back to read later on and dislike it.

So, now you will only get it in the form of a query letter. To feel my pain as an unpublished author in the slush piles of agents across three countries trying to point a light at my work.

My name is Norma Rrae, I’m an aspiring author living in Northern BC with my husband and three large breed dogs. I have four children (currently an empty-nester) a grandchild (yes, I’m too young to be a grandma, blah blah blah) and a wall sized bookshelf to keep me company on lonely days.

I have written six novels complete to date and am currently writing my seventh (with two more outlined and waiting in queue). I love writing poetry and sharing my works online here for people to read while I patiently await the right agent for me.

I love all genres so I find it hard to place myself in one. I started with a literary adult fiction, moved to psychological thriller then to YA fantasy. Fantasy is the funnest by far but the market is flooded apparently.

So, I dub myself a dark fantasy writing (since I struggle with happy endings- they just donโ€™t pull the same emotion) and happily write horror, smut and dark poetry.

I enter contests faster than I can count and have yet to claim a winning. You, my friends, will be the first to hear! (For many many days afterward too).

My hobbies are hunting, fishing, boating, dog walking, reading and writing. I have a serial story with hand drawn comic that is now being published weekly in the local newspaper and a link is at the top of my page for you guys to read too (Temerarious Tabias).

Photography has always been a passion of mine as well but since I have yet to sell a book, I am stuck with my dual 12-megapixel camera. Sounds fancy like that, it’s just my iPhone.

I love road trips (when my husband drives) and visiting family (so they cook for me). I often show up at events for the free food (including Seek temples, weddings with no invite and realtor open houses).

Thanks for visiting, be sure to check out my ONLINE STORIES page to read my work and NOVELS for an overview and TEMERARIOUS TABIAS for my serial story and comic.

-time may change me, but I canโ€™t change time- Norma Rrae

(With a nod to David Bowie ๐Ÿ’•)


    • I have some of my work published with a small house in Ireland, but the majority of them have been self-published. Currently just e-books (as book formatting seems to be beyond my skill set) It’s a little scary, but it isn’t hard.

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