My name is Norma Rrae and I’m an author. An unpublished author but still a creator of words into stories. Some of which are currently sitting at the bottom of an agent’s slush piles.

In the meantime, I write poetry and short stories to share with you.

I welcome feedback and love to hear from you so please, email me via CONTACT page.

I live in Northern British Columbia, Canada. Under big skies and beautiful scenery, there’s nothing but inspiration all around me.

My hobbies are (obviously) writing, drawing, reading but I also love hunting, fishing, boating, camping and picnicking. We collect our own wood to burn, have three large breed dogs and four children. I’m a medical professional for my day job and an avid movie critic on weekends.

I’m a hunter, wood collector, dog lover and trained medical professional. I love my family, job and writing career. I often intertwine the three and have to remind my family that these stories are fictional 🙂

All content on my website is written, edited and owned by me. Hand drawn photos are crafted by my hand and photos are all my own originals. Please do not reproduce or utilize my work in whole or any part without my permission.

In 2018, I had ‘Not Me’ novel posted weekly and this year, I present to you- To Fall a Tree. It will be posted chapter by chapter, every Saturday for eighteen chapters. It an adult psychological thriller.

I also have a weekly serial story beginning in less than a month. The link above will direct you there. The story is called Temerarious Tabias and follows a mischievous young boy and his adventures. The comic is an original put together by me as well and as you can see, it’s an evolving character. Feedback, again, is always appreciated!

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