Hi, my name is Norma Rrae and I’m an author. Well, an aspiring one anyway. As I wait patiently with my manuscripts at the bottom of agent’s slush piles, I continue to write poetry and short stories to share with you.

As always, I welcome feedback and love to hear if I’ve accidentally posted a spelling mistake or a character that just doesn’t make sense. So, please, contact me to let me know, or just to say hello!

I live in Northern British Columbia, Canada. The skies here are big and the scenery is always beautiful. I’m a hunter, wood collector, dog lover and trained medical professional. I love my family, job and writing career. I often intertwine the three and have to remind my family that these stories are fictional 🙂

For you as well, these stories are fictional. Any names, characters, places and/ or incidents are the product of my imagination and are used fictitiously. These stories are written and edited and owned by me, Norma Rrae. Please do not reproduce or utilize my work in whole or part for any use without my permission.

As you might see, I have a novel that was posted online chapter by chapter and is slowly coming down, chapter by chapter. I keep short stories and poetry up longer but as each full novel comes down, a new one will begin. At one time I had my posts running on a Friday night but as I do work full time, Saturday is better.

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