Welcome to my website

Here you’ll find a collection of poetry, shorts and longs also some links for my social media platforms. My first novel, Justyce Scales of The Otherly and Obscura is currently with the editor from Archway Publishing from Simon & Schuster and will be on the shelves at your local bookstore (with many links through my website here) by Summer 2022.

My Microsoft David is currently reading my WIP as I update my website which I believe is long overdue. I’m currently at a BNB log cabin in Quesnel, BC and absolutely loving everything here. This BNB is so stunning that even the baseboards are photogenic, honest!

This website has been a blog post style for sometime and I have now changed it to a highlights type site. I am actively seeking an agent to publish my novels, so dear potential agent; please enjoy perusing my site and all the different types of stories I can write. Take a risk on me, I won’t let you down.

I want to be the next Stephen King. And I know I’m not allowed to say that in query letters, but I can certainly say it on my website. I loved his novels growing up, and I still love his novels. I admire his story building skills and his wide range of genres, although mostly in the horror vein, they still deviate slightly when you compare say Green Mile to Carrie.

Aside from SK, my other top idols are Garth Nix, Margaret Atwood, Jodi Piqoult, and who can forget Neil Gaiman?

I have written these authors personal messages, notes and tweets. I am so over the top proud to claim that I did have one responded too! It was from Garth Nix and pointed out my spelling error on Sabriel, but I’ll take it.

Why was I listing my favourite authors? So you know how I write, what I like to write and who I am pining to cross paths with one day.

Also all my fans. I love each and every one. Kindness matters and I know in my hear that every fan of mine is kind. I see it in my social media platforms how trolls are knocked back by my fans alone. So all of you, I hope to one day begin having book signings and meet you in person too, because those meetings are as important to me as the big named authors.

So, until we meet with my name in print, here is a site with a collection of my favourites.

Enjoy and feel free to comment, message or email me with any typos, questions, comments or requests (I love requests.)

The Vain One

Since I suppose you want to know about who’s writings you’re reading. My name is Norma Rrae, and I’m a northern living author. Up here, we chop wood for heat, hunt for dinner, fish for enjoyment and garden for an excuse to be in the sunshine.

I’m 37, she/her, Gemini, spirit animal is elephant. I have plants (that survive my torture), I don’t dance, my favourite kitchen dancing music is anything from Punk Rock to Trap to Oldies. I don’t run 5K, my favourite food is spicy Ichiban noodles with everything but the sink on top, I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I don’t do drugs so you won’t need Narcan to hang out with me on a Friday night, although good luck getting me out of the house. I’m a writer, my favourite place is anywhere, with a notebook and a pen (preferably with sunshine but if its snowing, it just gives me an excuse to use my fuzzy boots.)

I’m a recovered addict, having lived through more life experiences than most could even find written in a book, I have a wealth of real life stories not to mention the made up ones I can create at the drop of an ink blot. I’ve always have a wild imagination (which isn’t always fun when I’m alone) and I’ve written since I was a child. I lost many years of my life to addiction so am now pulling the bits back together to build an author portfolio to hopefully acquire an agent that will represent me and help sell my novels that spill out of me faster than what my teens can make messes in my house (ok, maybe it’s a close second.)

You’re still here? So you want to know more!

I’m a Dark Fantasy writer. I enjoy writing everything from Adult Literary Fiction to Fantasy Thrillers to YA Horror.

I live in BC, Canada, with my husband, three teenage children, four large breed dogs, a hedgehog, a hamster, a snake and a bearded dragon. My oldest son has already moved out on his own and has his own child, a fiery redhead, that looks exactly like my adult son. I know already why being a grandparent is so amazing, it’s like I can redo my son’s younger years (without all the messy parts.)

My hobbies? You guessed it: writing. But there’s also reading, photography, poetry, gardening, hunting and fishing. And sleeping. I love dreaming and spent a solid year writing them down every night. I often pull inspiration from my dreams and thank my subconscious for this (except when the dream is scary and leaves me feeling spooked for the day.)

I read all the books I can. My house features a full wall bookshelf where I keep sane during long northern winters by buying new books, especially from authors I meet and reorganizing them on my shelf with inspiration from Pinterest. My coolest catch was a signed copy from an author in England.

I work as a Community and Family Services Coordinator at The Salvation Army Food Bank and feel that all my life circumstances have brought me exactly to where I need to be and I love my new work family already.

Saturdays for me are nearly always the same; Audiobook, cleaning, music, cleaning, writing, cleaning, laundry, writing, eating, shopping, writing then movie night. Clock work. It’s a beautiful thing.

The worst mix of two chemicals in my life- is darkness and my over active imagination, so yes, I am deathly afraid of the dark.

My favourite thing to do is sit in front of my woodstove writing a new story and cuddling my dogs.

One of the first things I remember learning about being a writer was to read. Read everything; the good, the bad and the ugly. I’m a very slow reader. So that makes my Goodreads challenge hard but I still wake up early before work to read every morning with my coffee while laying in bed, cuddling my dogs. At night, I snuggle in and read for nearly ten whole minutes before I fall asleep.

My first published novel is coming with Archway Publishing (sublet of Simon and Schuster) in 2022 called Justyce Scales of The Otherly and Obscura (YA Fantasy Thriller.) The novel is a mass up between Alice in Wonderland and Stranger Things.

The picture that didn’t make the cut as my ‘official author photo’ but you’ll have to buy my book to see the number one pick!

This is where you can read my writings

See, I do blog posts! But if you want to read my poetry, shorts and longs, go to ‘The Reading One’

Humans That Rule Hell- a short story that didn’t make the cut

Suntanning beneath full flame, Dahlia didn’t notice the door opening. Not until a breeze stole the heat from her bones. Dahlia shimmied into her bronze skin and stalked to the door with jerky strides. Slam. Then she smelt human. Worry. She checked the drawer. All daggers accounted for, except Life-Giver. “No,” she whispered through blood-red …

Lovely Hands

There’s literally a thing called hand models. And foot models but let’s not go there, I’m not a foot person. Nor am I a hand person. Because if we’re all being honest here, I have sweaty hands. I’ve always had sweaty hands. There’s the rare time I’ll be sitting at home and notice my hands …

Birthday Bumps

It’s my birthday. And the universe has supplied my birthday bumps without a flaw. The day started with my husband saying he won’t be home for my birthday dinner. Then, while I was getting ready for work, my coworker called to tell me the food bank fridges were down. I said, “be there in 5,” …

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