Serial Poems Number Nine

I want to be a lazy cat today

I want to curl under a blanket just to stay warm

I want to ggroom myself, every cat needs to look pretty

And I wont go outside

I wont even answer the door

Today, I look pretty for myself

To be lazy

I made myself a snack and only ate half

Im not really hungry today

I eat out of habit

Out of boredom

Out of an irrational fear that the food will disappear

Im a lazy, irritable, cat today

So I flick my tail angrily

With no apparent reason why

I glare out the double doors and dispise the rain

For making me stay inside on this dreary day

But that’s not truly why

I just want to be a lazy cat

With a cup of milk, warmed

And a stack of cookies, chocolate

Even my laptop keeps going to sleep

Cuz im not keeping it entertained enough

Cats aren’t very sociable anyway

And I don’t care cuz my pillows are comfy

And my toes are warm

And my hair is pretty

Im a pretty, lazy cat today

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