I’m getting ready

I woke early this morning. That’s how it always works. I don’t have work this morning, no alarms set on this chilly, frosty Saturday morning and I still woke earlier than what I do when I have to be at work.

I made a green smoothie with spinach, banana, peaches, pineapple and almond milk and I put my Apple Music to play my new favourtist band- Mother Mother. I’m especially hooked on- Arms Tonite and I Got Love. I’ve liked this band since I heard their first song but never really adventured down the rabbit hole that is ‘essential’ playlists until just recently. Now I’m hooked.

So I drink my smoothie and dance like a fool and sing tone deaf in my bathroom as I do my makeup.

To go where you ask?

Nowhere. I’m a writer. I never want to be anywhere but home so I can easily put all my time and energy into the stories I want to write.

Right now I’m writing a sweet romance for Hallmark Publishing about a famous author that falls in love with a homeless man, against the better judgement of her agent, her fans and her own subconscious. But it happens anyway, on the warm sandy beaches of Yellowstone Park.

And as much as I’ve always enjoyed writing dark, twisted, fantastical stories, I’m low key enjoying this one.

So on I write. And here I sit. With my makeup done and my hair on point (which is actually just air dried natural.) And I couldn’t be happier.

To be a writer that can create and bask in my own happiness, even when my three teenagers this morning are all giving me attitude. I put on my headphones and lose myself, in the love that is words.

Happy Saturday my friends,

Norma Rrae

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